Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wood Saw

This saw was bought few years ago. Man, I didn't have much information about it at all. Can't even tell the age of it. I'm not certain where is the origin of it. Was it produced in Malaysia of could have been imported from any other country.

What I can say is it looks nice on my wall. Though it's a bit rusty. Still in good condition.

I wish if anyone who knows a bit about this saw could share the information with me...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Luggage Trunk

Another collection of mine... "made in England".. that the word I first heard when I approach the seller... I guess it make a big difference when someone mentioned "England" & I guess that could be the killer word..

It's not the "Made In England" that made me took the bait. It was the appearance of the case that attracts me. The originality of it. The detail of the trunk is so genuine. It looks like a wood grain. Cool.

I've combined the Trunk with the Helmet, "rank" and a Bagpipe sleeve to make it looks as if in the 40's...

Just too bad I've sold the Bagpipe few years back just to earn some decent income when I was jobless then...

Monday, November 10, 2008

WWII British Army Helmet aka 'Brodie'

Another stuff I have with me. A WWII British Army Helmet also known as 'Brodie'.
Bought it for RM10.00 a few years back. Just not my luck since the helmet is not a complete helmet. There isn't any strap nor bracing at all.

According to other collectors, It should have a marking/coding at the left inner part of the helmet to indicate the year it was produced. Mine was rusty, even after I've cleaned it up I can't locate the marking at all or perhaps I could have scrapped it off with my steel brush.

A bit dent but still looks cool to me....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Badminton Racquete- Dunlop Fort

Badminton is close to Malaysian daily lifetyle. You'll get to see badminton court all over the place especially among the chinese.
I manage to secure a Badminton racket from my father store recently. It has been there since 60's. Dunlop Fort.

It comes with frame to hold the racket to prevent it from defect of the Malaysian weather which is humid. Since that it's made of wood. come with leather grip. It still have the old string. Not much information of this racquete though. gotta seach for it.

Feeding Bottle & Mixer

Been a while since I last update my bolg. Was kinda busy with work.
This time around I would like to share about feeding bottles that I have in my collection. I know there's a few type of feeding available in Malaysia but these few is the only I could owned at the moment.

I have the normal shape feeding which able to feed 200ml of milk. It's the same design as what we have right now in market but the only difference is it is made of glass. I've got 3 of it at the moment and too bad it's not a complete set.

I do have the banana shape like feeding bottle. It comes in 3 sizes. Small, Medium & large. For now I only owned the medium size feeding bottle.

Still doing my research about feeding bottles and its accesories. Will add more information soon.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


During the early days advertising medium is much different compared to todays.
Cigarrates companies have the freedom to advertise their products with no barriers at all.If you noticed most of the shops still have those cylinder containers to store cigarrates and it's placed on the cashier counter.
Before they come with Vinyl poster. What they did was produce a metal advertising plate on walls etc. This is one of the advertising in my collections besides the cigarrates containers.

This particular products is most prabarbly from England I presume. It's called Torchlight. Not that I can see in Malaysia anymore. I'm not certain do they still have this brand in England itself.

There's a few more cigarrates brand in MALAYA those days. Not all known to me.My dad is not a smoker himself. Some of it are

Rough Rider
Rothmans 100s
Benson & Hedges

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I could only managed to get few malay lps in my collection. Namely....
DJ dave
Salamiah Hassan
Sharifah Aini
Ahmad Jais
Ahmad Nawab
Sarinah Hashim
and a few compliation album

The compilation album consist of few famous composers those days.. like Ahmad Marican etc.
Listening to those songs tells me the difference between modern day music composition & oldies.

Modern days I sense that the feel is not like before.. listening to Salamiah Hassan 'Surat terakhir' is what a great experience. She can bring you into her song.. that was a sad song & the way she deliver it was 'WOW'!!!!
you know it is a sad song. sounds like as if she was crying singing that song...

Ahmad Jais is another good singer I presume. The way he sang that song is ...speechless... it comes right from his heart.

another interesting thing about these Lps is the cover... the the way they shoot to cover album... and another thing... if you notice there are address stickers on the album.. I wonder if the shop is still there or in operation...

And you get to see old bahasa malaysia spellings... kinda for those who is not use to it... my dad still write using those formats.... funny eh...